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          Optical fiber series

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          Optical fiber series

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          Bending is not sensitive to A kind of optical fiber B6a (G657. A)

          Author: Time:2015-09-11 Hit:215

          Product description

          Not A kind of optical fiber in the bending, performance meet or exceed the ITU - TG. 657 proposed A kind of optical fiber. Has the characteristics of low water peak fiber, optical fiber Simultaneously conforms to the ITU - TG. 652 d proposed requirements and IEC60793-2-50 b1. Fiber type 3 standard. Optical fiber has good macro bending resistance, is a kind of low water peak fiber bending is not sensitive.

          Product features


          Class don't


          Single bit

          Technical specification

          Transmission performance

          1310nm attenuation dB/km ≤0.35
          1550nm attenuation dB/km ≤0.21
          1383nm attenuation dB/km ≤0.32
          1625m attenuation dB/km ≤0.24
          Attenuation discontinuity dB ≤0.1
          Wavelength attenuation characteristics dB/km ≤0.03
          The zero dispersion wavelength range nm 1300~1324
          Zero dispersion slope ps/(nm2.km) ≤0.092
          1288-1339nmdispersion coefficient ps/(nm.km) ≤3.5
          1271-1360nmdispersion coefficient ps/(nm.km) ≤5.3
          1550nm dispersion coefficient ps/(nm.km) ≤18
          Polarization mode dispersion(PMD ps/√km ≤0.1
          Cutoff wavelength(λcc nm ≤1260
          Macro bending loss(1550nm dB 30mm radius around 100 times,≤0.1
          Macro bending loss1625nm dB 30mm radius around 100 times,≤0.1

          Size parameters

          1310nm mode field diameter μm 9.2±0.5
          The cladding diameter μm 125±0.7
          The core/cladding concentricity error μm ≤0.5
          The package layer out of roundness % ≤1
          Coating layer diameter (not color) μm 243±7
          Packages/coating layer concentricity error μm ≤8

          Mechanical properties

          Screening of strain % ≥1.0
          Tensile strength 10 m length minimum strength of Weibull probability: 2.76 GPa (15%).
          Nd optical fiber dynamic fatigue parameters ≥20
          Optical fiber warp radius m ≥4
          Optical fiber coating stripping force Average N 1~5
          Peak 1~8.9

          Environmental performance

          Temperature characteristic (60 ~ + 85 ℃) In the 1310 nm and 1550nm wavelength allow additional damping 0.05 dB/km or less
          Flooding performance (23 + 2 ℃, 30 days)
          Hot and humid performance (85 + 2 ℃, 85% relative humidity, 30 days)
          Thermal aging properties (85 + 2 ℃, 30 days)

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          Jelly Zhang


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